GOKOS founder

Creating a corner in the huge beauty industry was never going to be easy but I genuinely believe that the indie brand of GOKOS® has its own niche in the market.

GOKOS® is for busy women who want to look good with minimal effort; women who care about the environment and the products they use. GOKOS® products are designed to make you look good and feel good about yourself. You can ‘feel good’ knowing that you are using makeup pens designed with 100% sustainability in mind, as well as the assurance that GOKOS® cosmetics are not tested on animals.

The clever refill system means that you can buy your chosen colour cartridge again and refill your cosmetic pen instead of throwing the whole thing away. No longer do you need to buy a colour eyeshadow palette and only use one of the colours you like. (How many times have we all done that?) All the pens are designed and manufactured in Europe and GOKOS® have a long history of supply to other cosmetic brands worldwide. Now, all that experience and expertise goes into the GOKOS® product range!



I have over 20 years of experience in the corporate technology sector having run several large sales and marketing teams launching new brands and introducing products into sectors across corporate, health, education, and government.

In 2019, the FTSE 250 company I worked for was sold to its biggest competitor and I left the organisation deflated after giving it every ounce of my passion for over 10 years. I spent a year working for a similar Corporate but when the pandemic hit, and I learned my contract wasn’t going to renewed, I knew it was time to take a different approach, a huge leap of faith and be in control of my own destiny!

I was introduced to the manufacturers of GOKOS® by a close friend and knew it was the right fit for me and my daughter to work together. I can now channel all of my skills and experience into launching and distributing GOKOS® into the UK indie-retail market.


I have always specialised in sales & marketing and the distribution of products, understanding the dynamics and complexities of developing a retail channel to meet the needs of both the retailer and the consumer. Often at the sharp end of opinion, I’m an expert at handling ‘hot potato’ projects and how to best communicate the positioning and benefits of a product from launch.

Working closely on the creative with a fabulously talented colleague who worked for me during my corporate years has helped create the unique features of the GOKOS® brand.


From my origins in Yorkshire to working in the heart of London for many years, I’ve been well travelled.

After a very winding road both professionally and personally, a couple of U-turns and a bump or two, I now find myself based in the heart of the UK in North Oxfordshire. This makes running GOKOS® accessible for fast, next day deliveries throughout the UK and offers me the best of both worlds.

Having firmly decided I no longer wanted the ‘men in suits’ deciding my career path it’s now time to be in control of my own destiny. This decision offers me the amazing opportunity to work with my daughter. Launching GOKOS® has been my best move yet!


At GOKOS®, beauty & ethics go hand in hand


We've made it easier to look good with quality makeup that's quick, clean and easy to apply. Less time needed getting ready, more time for living your best life. Our pen technology makeup is designed to help you effortlessly glam-up, mess-free in an instance. 


Makeup for on-the-go 

The vision for GOKOS® is to create a makeup range that makes you look great in seconds – with little effort. That is why we have designed our cosmetic pens and pencils so that they are ideal for on the go, precise and super-easy to use. And thanks to our GOKOS® numbering system, you can easily find your way around. It really is as easy 1, 2, 3.

Easy to use and re-touch

With each closure of our makeup pens, the soft applicator absorbs a precisely dosed amount of creamy cosmetic and the clever little make-up stick is ready to use. No crumbs, no dripping, no stress! For a more intense look, simply close and open the pen inside the colour cartridge to pick up another dose of makeup.

Hygienic & touchless

Our makeup is touchless, meaning it's hygienic and the lockable feature ensures they stay that way. This also means that they won't leak or spill in your bag!  Perfect for travelling as you can carry them in your hand luggage. 


What we do today will determine tomorrow's world

We attach great importance to sustainability and low waste. We have developed a refill system where you can only buy the colour you use - no wastage of colours.  Buy our refill colour cartridges individually.


Eco-friendly cartridge refills

GOKOS® makeup pens are designed with sustainability in mind. Only buy the colours that you want and replace them when required with our cartridge refills, keeping waste to a minimum.

Plastic-free packaging

Our shipping packaging does not contain any plastic and at our German site where most of our products are made, we work and produce in house with 100% green electricity. Let's take care of tomorrow's world together.

Recycled materials used in product lines

Our felt makeup pouch accessory is produced from recycled PET and the GOKOS® German-made products are produced from 100% green electricity. 


GOKOS® Vegan range of makeup

Our vegan range of makeup is certified by the vegan society and we're constantly introducing new vegan products to our range.  For now, you can recognise vegan GOKOS® makeup via the product description and the recognisable vegan society approved logo. GOKOS® makeup is not tested on animals.

GOKOS®  UK team

We are a small family team behind the GOKOS® brand in the UK and we're passionate about the brand's future place in the UK beauty market. Our company, CHS Cosmetics, is the official UK distributor for the GOKOS® brand.

The majority of our GOKOS® products are manufactured, developed, produced and packed with love in Nuremberg, Germany, and distributed throughout Europe. 

We've got lots of motivation coupled with a crazy sense of humour and a passion for makeup pens!