Wow – our eyebrows have come a long way over the years! From the early 90’s of long, thin brows to today’s style of thick, shaped eyebrows. Ultimately, it should be all about your own preference, finding your shape and what flatters you the most.

If you are like me and spent your former years plucking away at your brows and they haven’t successfully grown back (despite trying serums, brow conditioners & even supplements) then learning to use a good eyebrow pencil to fill in those sparse areas will give you the look you want.

Even the slightest change to your eyebrows can alter your entire face shape, structure and sometimes self-confidence so we are here to give you the best tips to an easy DIY everyday brow look!

"We are here to give you the best tips to an easy DIY everyday brow look!"

I hadn’t realised how using a brow pencil enhanced my face shape, improved my everyday look and even made me feel younger too (yes really!)

A good pair of tweezers, small scissors and most importantly a good eyebrow pencil and styler is all you need. 


Find the right eyebrow shape for you

Deciding which brow shape works best for you has a lot to do with your face shape. Experts say the golden rule is to go for a brow shape opposite to your face shape.

Eyebrows to suit a round face - high arch

If you have a round face where the length and width are about the same, you should go for a high arch to open-up the appearance.

Eyebrows to suit a long face - low-lying arch

If your face is long in length then you should go for a low-lying arch – straight and elongated brows to break up the long shape.

Whatever your face shape, if you're aiming for brows that are on-trend the aim should be towards brows that lift and soften your features by adding volume and fullness to your brows.


4 tips to choosing the right eyebrow pencil

1. When choosing your brow pencil, make sure you find one that doesn’t break easily. Retractable ones are usually best in this case.
2. Make sure you have a good selection of colours to choose from. This will help you to find a natural looking colour that blends with your hairs and helps you to create lovely, thick brows.
3. Make sure your eyebrow styler pen has a brush attachment and use it to groom hairs upward and outward to blend in colour and set brows. 
4. A fine tip makes it easy to stroke the brows and glide the product on effortlessly creating the look you want that lasts all day.



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