UK customers and retailers should know the newest indie beauty brand on the block – GOKOS®. Here we share the story the behind the brand name and tell you why you can trust a brand that's so new to the UK market.


Where does the brand name 'GOKOS' come from?

Simply put, 'GO' represents products that can be used 'on-the-go' and KOS represents the German word 'kosmetisch'. Put them together and you have GOKOS® – pronounced GO-KOS.

The word is simply translated to BEAUTY TO GO!  It’s that straightforward!

Why you can trust a brand that's so new to the UK market

The GOKOS® brand is owned by h&m gutberlet® who for more than 70 years have specialised in the manufacture of the clever capillary system used in traditional writing pens. This system was later developed for use in makeup, starting with the eyeliner pen some 30 years ago. 

Who knew that the same intricate product feature, designed for writing-pens, would be used to manufacture makeup pens that we use on our face, lips and eyes? It’s this precise (German-engineered) technology and long-term experience that the brand GOKOS® and its unique product concept now benefit from.

From the first eyeliner product 30 years ago, you can now choose make-up pens for the eyes, lips, and face.

Sustainable practices for a responsible business

The GOKOS® brand has a strong focus on sustainability and waste reduction. The clever refill system means that you can replace the colour cartridge and re-use the pen. The products are not tested on animals and there is a wide vegan range.

The makeup storage pouches are made from recycled PET material and the manufacturing site in Germany proudly operates on 100% green energy. 

We’re a brand with a conscience, aware that what we do today decides what the world looks like tomorrow.

The value of GOKOS® is now being recognised internationally and we want you to discover these qualities here in the UK. With a product concept that is unmatched within the global cosmetic market and advanced customer-proven formulations at accessible prices, we’re proud to be the official UK distributor for GOKOS®.


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